Kayy’s Piece of Mind 11

Friends, Lovers, or Nothing. 

In our society we like to have everything in somewhat order. Every person has their place, their spot in society. We tend to try and apply this to feelings and love. But we are wrong. Love and feelings can never be put in order or truly defined. Love is as different as the DNA of the person who feels it. One person might fall in love with someone that another person might find revolting. It all depends on their perception. Many are confused when they are forced to choose if they are “just friends” with someone or something more. It’s hard to tell sometimes but feelings fluctuate with time, things change, people change. Don’t attempt to deny the feelings you have for someone just because at the time you don’t know if it’ll make sense. Think about it, nothing ever makes sense until it makes sense. If you are friends with someone, be happy. If you are in love with someone, be happy. If you are in essence “nothing” with someone, be happy. Things are always subject to change, today you might be friends and tomorrow you might be lovers. Today you might be nothing and tomorrow you might be lovers.  Only time knows this so just go with the flow. Enjoy life whether you are friends, lovers, or nothing. 

Thanks to John Mayer for his song “Friends, Lovers or Nothing”. Made a great topic for me. :)

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